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My ethos and style of counselling is Eclectic.  My training and background includes various theories and skills, which I have combined to ensure the best suitability for all clients. From Knowledge and experience it shows that, as all clients are unique not one approach to counselling is likely to suit everyone.  Another key to counselling is in the strength of the commitment and relationship between the client and the counsellor. This is true to everyday life where not everyone will suit be suited.  For more information please click here.

I aim to pin point what has brought clients’ to counselling, what the hopes, fears and expectations are, to raise self awareness and clarity, and then decide what steps can be taken towards making changes and leading a more fulfilled life. I give my insight, feedback, understanding and guidance. Also the feedback from clients is equally useful as the process is about meeting the clients’ unique needs. Then clients can build self awareness, self esteem, gain clarity and understanding, and ultimately lead a more fulfilled life.  For more information on What counselling is please click here.

I work on a short term or long term basis depending on individual needs.  This may be as little as 6-12 weeks for more current issues, or leading to longer depending on the complexity of the issue/s.  I offer Counselling on a one to one basis either face to face, over the telephone, online or on Skype.

I work with Lifeworks & EAPs (Employee Assisted Programmes), which offers counselling for young people and adults that are struggling in the workplace or institution from various related issues.  I am also a recognized Healthcare Provider for Private Health Insurers including, Aviva Health, Pru Health, Cigna, Simply Health, Exeter Family Friendly, WPA and more, so payment for treatment can be covered.

I am a Registered and Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.  I am therefore fully qualified and fully adhere to their code of ethics, confidentiality and best practice at all times.  I am also committed to Continual Professional Development, which is a necessity and fully regulated by the BACP.

As well as my Private Practice I have extensive experience of Counselling and Psychotherapy with different settings from various areas. This has provided me with invaluable experience of working with clients from various backgrounds and with various issues and of all different ages.

As well as working with Domestic Violence I also work with other Traumas, which may include road traffic accidents, drink driving, rape, bereavements, workplace or institution related and more. I can provide assessments, reports, Solicitors letters and other information that may be needed for the Workplace, Institution, Legal Courts and more.

For more information on my Training, Specialities, Qualifications & Background, please click here.

I work in several areas including Hendon, North West London and St Albans, and also other areas in London and Hertfordshire.  For more information on my locations, please click here.

Here is a sample of the issues I work with:
Self Esteem,  Confidence,  Passive/Aggressive,  Lack of Assertiveness,  Anger & Anger Management,  Mental health problems,  Post Traumatic Stress,  Personality Disorder,  Anxiety, Status Anxiety,  Phobias,  Panic attacks,  Agoraphobia,  Stress,  Depression, Low self esteem/worth/image,  Low mood,  Lack of motivation/direction/hope for the future, Adolescence,  Post-Natal Depression,  Infertility,  Addictions, Eating disorders, Weight problems and body image,  Body dimorphic,  Self-harm,  Drugs/Alcohol/Sex-Love/Gambling, Relationships/Sexuality & Minorities/Intimacy,  Abuse,  Domestic Violence,  Bullying, harassment and stress in the workplace,  Retirement, Redundancy,  Bereavement,  Divorce Recovery,  Fear of relationships or of being alone,  Sexuality/Gender – LGBT,  Sexual Problems,  Accident and personal injury,  Cancer,  Chronic pain