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‘Reaching people that need empathising, help and support!`

Yes, sure there are many Counsellors, Psychotherapists, CBT practitioners and others out there to help with emotional issues, but what if you do not know what counselling or other professional help is or how it works?
What if you do not know you are struggling emotionally? What if you do not know that there are others with the same struggles? What if you have no support or access to any help or guidance to steer you towards these types of help?

Well this is why I wanted to start blogging, so that I can reach out and help anyone out there who fits into these categories mentioned, as well as anyone who has already sought help but that wants/needs further understanding of their emotions and struggles.

I also intend to normalise mental health issues. Therefore, I prefer to talk about ‘emotional’ issues and “emotional” help. because everyone has emotions, but the issues arise due to a lack of emotional awareness.

This lack may be due to past issues that have prevented this in some way and caused a fence to emotions. This includes either trauma or negative experiences that would affect any human being.

This lack is also due to the lack of communication between people about how they are feeling and being open and honest about their needs and wants.

Yes, society has come a long way in terms of talking about mental health issues and about the many professional services that are available to help, but there is still many judgments, assumptions and myths including the beliefs that mental illnesses isn’t a ‘real’ thing but just an excuse to be lazy, self-centred or to behave badly. Another myth is that these people are weak and cannot handle life’s struggles and stress, that they won’t ever recover or that everyone gets depressed because life gets more stressful as you get older.

Therefore, there is a lot more work to do to in order to spread awareness and combat these beliefs. This work will also need to include blogging about ‘mental illness’ or the ‘emotional’ struggles that people have and the ‘real’ reasons why.

If you are reading this and it is resonating with you in any way then please believe me that there is support that can be life changing and there are ways of reaching out and connecting with others who will understand your struggles, either people who have the same or similar struggles and those that have overcome their struggles and want to share their wisdom and of course there is the professional help.

So, if this blog has grabbed your attention then please like it and share it and let it all sink in and let’s start to help more people that are struggling ‘emotionally’, to seek the help and understanding they deserve.

Also, please take a look at my other blogs and send me any questions, feedback or even suggestions for further blogs.


Antonia Kelly 

October 2018