Blog – How amazing are you?

Have you told yourself how amazing you are today or do you just think you are only worthy of self-criticism and negativity? If only we put as much effort into telling ourselves positive affirmations as we do negative ones, perhaps then we would feel happy, confident and we would achieve our goals instead of feeling depressed and not good enough and holding ourselves back from every opportunity.

There is a lot of evidence out there based on how sending ourselves positive messages can help change our perception and overall attitude and wellbeing.  There is evidence for how self-deprecation leads to depression so why wouldn’t this work in reverse?

Why don’t you set yourself a challenge for a few weeks?  Try and catch yourself out every time you think something negative and unhelpful and turn it on its head and think something positive.  If you are struggling, make sure you write down as many positive affirmations about yourself as you can and keep it with you and refer to it.

When you wake up in the morning say out loud that you will do your best to be kind to yourself and be encouraging and not be hard on yourself and put yourself down at every opportunity.  Recognise your effort and strengths.  Changing a habit takes time and discipline but just as you learnt to show yourself negativity. Learn to show yourself positivity and break through the perception you are used to into a whole new world.

Antonia Kelly PgD Reg MBACP (Accred) Cert

Telephone: 07956 175 224

October 2018