Initial Session

The purpose for an initial session is for the counsellor to assess and understand what the client wishes to address. The client and counsellor can then get a sense of how they wish to work together.

During this initial session possible issues or themes may be highlighted, that will then be looked at in more depth during the therapy.

Depending on the issues raised a short family history may be taken, together with any past or any other relevant experiences. This information will be discussed briefly with a view to further exploration during future therapy sessions.

Following the initial session, the therapy begins and provides the client with a confidential space, and an opportunity express emotions, feelings and thoughts.

The client will be encouraged to use free thinking to explore any problems they are experiencing. The aim here is that this will lead to further exploration of any issues, together with providing a framework.

The counsellor will offer warmth, guidance, encouragement, empathy, understanding, feedback, insight and more. Additional support is also provided when needed.

Sometimes keeping a journal or writing notes in-between sessions is encouraged, so clients can continue to experience empowerment and further exploration outside of sessions also.