Low self esteem, depression, anxiety, feeling alone? How Counselling can help YOU?

Low self esteem, depression, anxiety, feeling alone? How Counselling can help YOU?

Are you feeling depressed, anxious and alone? Well let me tell you, there are many people feeling like this and you are definitely not alone.  You may feel lonely because you have no one to talk to and feel that no one would understand.  You may feel that people will think you are crazy and weird and they will send you to the doctors or just simply ignore you and walk away.

The many fears and thoughts that people have when they have low self esteem, anxiety or depression are of not making friends, relationships, rejection and disappointment. Maybe you will let people down or not be good enough, you may get angry and upset people.  These fears may then be getting in the way of your future, you may not have the confidence to study or get the job that you want, and you may be scared that if you do succeed then you won’t be able to sustain it and you will fail again in some way.

So as you can see, feelings of low self esteem, depression and anxiety can get worse and spiral over time if you do not talk.  I want to stress how you do not need to suffer alone or in silence and that these fears and thoughts are just that and may not happen at all.  You may not have support from your family and friends but there are many different forms of help available from life coaching, mentoring, to talking therapies and counselling and more.

Many charities, doctor surgeries, schools and youth groups to name but a few can help you find what you need.  It doesn’t matter your age, sex, religion, race, or anything else, there is help for all.  Getting in touch with one of these sources could be one of the most important and life changing step you could take.

I now want to talk more about Counselling specifically because this is my area of expertise and will give you the most space and time to unravel all these deep feelings.  In Counselling, no one will judge you and you can be totally honest and yourself.  Most importantly no one will tell you to pull yourself together or what you should and should not do.  The hopes and aims in counselling are that in time you will begin to see yourself in a clearer light, you will understand how you came to be this way and begin to accept yourself, believe in yourself and you will want to change.

Now our anxiety and depression has lessened and you feel confident.  Most importantly you feel you have control over your life and you feel excited about life and ready for any new challenge.  This could be you.  I have seen it with my own eyes! What do you have to lose?  Get some help today and start living your life as you deserve to.


Antonia Kelly PgD Reg MBACP (Accred) Cert

Telephone: 07956 175 224

October 2018