The Top 10 Facts that Counselling teaches You

The Top 10 Facts That Counselling Teaches You

  1. It’s ok not to be perfect – stop beating yourself up for being a real person with limitations
  2. Remember without limitations there are no strengths
  3. Understanding and acceptance is the key to freedom and change
  4. We are not responsible for the faults of others
  5. Everyone deserves to love and be loved
  6. Life is a journey and is about what we learn and not about how much we get right
  7. Perfectionism is only a screen that hides life’s cracks, which is where the beauty really lies
  8. Everyone can change when given the opportunity and belief
  9. When given the space, everyone can grow
  10. Stress, anxiety, depression, etc. these are natural feelings. Perception is what can be changed.




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