What Is Counselling & How Can It Help You?

What Is Counselling

Counselling offer’s a secure, consistent and non-judgmental setting, where clients can offload their feelings and experiences. A Counsellor is a fully qualified, skilled and trained professional who offers focused listening and gives undivided attention and help.

This professional Counsellor will offer empathy, warmth, patience, openness, honesty and high levels of confidentiality and sensitivity at all times. They will be skilled and trained also in the theory, knowledge and understanding of how emotions develop and manifest. As a result of this they will therefore have a well developed insight and perception into these emotions.

There are many aims of Counselling and these will also depend on the Counsellor’s background, experience and ethos. Different Counsellor’s may tailor their aims and way of working to each individual client. Generally the overall aims are the same and will include, helping clients to gain self-awareness, a clearer perspective and understanding of their issues, and more clarity of what they wish to change. This will involve exploring clients’ hopes, expectations, fears together with possibly looking into past experiences and also goal setting where necessary.

The overall aim of Counselling is of course to help clients to overcome their issues in order to lead a much more fulfilled life and future.

Counselling is often 1 to 1, for couples or families and is face to face, or now more commonly it may be offered over the telephone, online or on Skype.

What You Can Expect At All Times

  • a trained listener
  • a non judgmental ethos
  • openness and honesty
  • knowledge and understanding of how emotions develop and manifest
  • insight and perception of feelings
  • empathy skills
  • high levels of confidentiality and sensitivity


The Top 10 Facts That Counselling Teaches You:

1. It’s ok not to be perfect – stop beating yourself up for being a real person with limitations

2. Remember without limitations there are no strengths

3. Understanding and acceptance is the key to freedom and change

4. We are not responsible for the faults of others

5. Everyone deserves to love and be loved

6. Life is a journey and is about what we learn and not about how much we get right

7. Perfectionism is only a screen that hides life’s cracks, which is where the beauty really lies

8. Everyone can change when given the opportunity and belief

9. When give the space everyone can grow

10. Stress, anxiety, depression, etc. these are natural feelings. Perception is what can be changed.

There are many different settings that Clients can receive Counselling including:

-Private Counsellors in Private Practice

-NHS GP Surgery’s/Hospitals

-Private Surgery’s/Clinics/Hospitals

-Primary/Secondary Schools/Colleges/Universities


-Specialised Agencies

-Specialised Charities

-Religious Organisations