Perfection, Disappointment & Counselling

Striving for perfection will only leave you disappointed.

How counselling can help.


What does perfection mean?   Well I’ll tell you…  it means absolutely nothing!  I know it sounds cliché to say there is no such thing as perfect, but it is true.  Life is not perfect it is full of downs, struggles, sadness, stress, challenges, fear, broken hearts, but what all these things have in conmen are that they are real.  Also let us not forget the other side to these ‘’imperfect’’ things which are the ups, successes, achievements, happiness, contentment, potential for growth and change, love and both sides go on.  Without all these ups and downs what would we have?  We would have one very dull, boring and empty existence.

So here is what I believe.  Perfection is not only ‘’non reality’’, but I’ll go one step further and say it is a smoke screen.  By this I mean that sometimes people need to see perfection because this stops them from seeing what is painful.  I believe this is the case because it makes rational sense!  Who wants to see what is painful?  I certainly do not!  But unfortunately when we ignore what is there it doesn’t go away, we are only fooling ourselves and we end up with more hurt.  The only way we can reduce the pain is to tare down the smoke screen, begin to see what is really there and to start feeling the pain.  Through this process you can begin your journey of acceptance and change, leading to a more fulfilled and congruent life.  Again this may sound cliché but this has been proven and everyone is capable when given the space and opportunity.

Counsellors are trained in how to help people work through breaking down their barriers and facing their fears.  Counsellors are not psychiatrists! They are not there to tell you which illness you have.  Counsellors are there because they are passionate about what they do and they often have first hand, or very close to first-hand experience.  Counsellors truly care, they want to listen and understand, and they are dedicated to people and their profession.